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NCR Aloha
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                  Aloha has proven to be one of the most reliable, flexible and user friendly systems on the market.  Aloha was the first true Windows product to enter the point-of-sale industry.  Just a few of the benefits include: fast and easy order entry, offers integrated time and attendance,allows for multiple access levels for security, integrated credit card authorization and draft capture, improves efficiency both for the front and back of the house, and gives customers a scalable solution for future growth.

Whether you run a quick service or table service restaurant, your customers expect the best possible service in a convenient and consistent manner. The key to delivering on these expectations is having hospitality POS software technology that is fast, reliable, flexible and easily-managed.

Radiant Systems restaurant point-of-sale solutions,
 Aloha Quick Service, Aloha Table Service and Radiant POS help you:

Drive top-line growth
Deliver exceptional customer service
Eliminate waste by ensuring order accuracy
Reduce POS training for servers or cashiers
Increase control of business

Aloha Insight is taking the task of managing a multi-unit
enterprise to a new level. Aloha Insight allows managers to access store
information and make critical operational decisions from anywhere
in the world via a web browser. Aloha Insight provides home office
executives and staff, regional managers and store managers with
company e-mail, multi-unit polling and reporting, management alerts,
centralized data management and more.  This is an amazing  tool that will
allow companies to streamline their organization and manage their
enterprise effectively.


For more information, call Texas Cash Register sales at  903-297-1202